God is Big

Last week a young woman came into my office needing assistance with her bank account.  She brought her son (who couldn’t have been more than 5) with her, and we quickly got down to the business of banking.  As we were wrapping up, the little boy suddenly started scrambling for a pencil. In his excitement, he hastily reached for a pad of sticky notes on my desk. His mother’s reprimand followed directly after his reach, prompting him to ask me if he could use a pad to write on.

He politely requested, “May I have a sheet-a-paper?” I replied, “Sure!”  The little boy started writing a word—a very large word.  Turning his face toward me he said, “Look!” My eyes caught sight of the gigantic word on this tiny yellow sticky note and it read, “GOD.” Repeating his invitation to look, the young man pronounced the word written on the paper. “GOD,” he said.  I replied with a smile, “Tell me what you know about Him.” He said, “He controls the sky!”
RicksblogpostBlown away at the insight of this precious kid, I agreed with him and said, “Wow! He does control the sky. What else do you know about God?” The little boy replied, “He’s powerful!” After his response, he continued to write smaller words on the paper.  The smaller words had backwards letters and awkward spacing—like words any small child learning to write would form-but they didn’t seem as important as the big word at the center of the sticky note.  When his mother and I finished with banking business, she picked up her things and started for the door, but the little boy lingered.

Holding the note in his hands as though he were preparing for some sort of formal address, he pronounced each word he’d written before handing me the tome, radiating with sincere joy.  He was so excited to share his work.

It took me until the next day to realize how profound this moment was. It truly was a gift.  Something as simple as this tiny slip of paper had become a gentle reminder that I am profoundly known and deeply loved by a big God. He eclipses the small, backwards, and awkwardly spaced issues in life.  In the midst of major life transitions-ending my career as a banker, moving my wife and one-year-old son away from family in Mississippi and inaugurating a life in Kansas City, MO given to night and day prayer-I have (at times) been prone to lose perspective.  If I am not watchful, small things can arrest my attention.

This encounter centered me back on the truth, redirecting my gaze to the powerful One who controls the sky and holds everything in His loving, tender care.  From the mouth of a babe, the Lord reassured me that as we prepare to move our family to KC, we are secure in the love and protection of a BIG, POWERFUL, GOOD GOD!


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